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Diagnostic and troubleshooting of electronic equipment


  • reading and erasing trouble code memory of control unit of engine, ABS, Air-bag and others
  • check of parameters used and controled by control unit
  • service interval indicator reset
  • sensors and actuators test using oscilloscope
  • ignition performance test using high voltage probe
  • cylinder compression test (petrol engines only)
  • pressure check of oil, fuel, etc...

Mechanical repairs

  • engine repairs
  • exhaust system repairs
  • clutch repair set changes
  • changing brake pads, disc, drums...
  • changing shock absorbers, joints, rubber-mountings...

Routine maitenance

  • checking chassis
  • checking brakes
  • check and change of  fillings and filters
  • check and correction of lightings
  • preparing and securing of TK(STK)+ME cars with diesel or petrol engine